The SCM Team

“For Christ Himself has brought peace to us. He united Jews and Gentiles into one people when in His own body on the cross, He broke down the wall of hostility that separated us.”

Ephesians 2:14


The Shabby Chicas

Truth and laughter drive my story-telling heart. I delight in meeting real needs, because I empathize with others’ pain and because Jesus worked like that. I have a large family that includes a best-friend hubby, bio kids, adopted kids and former students I call mine.  Vimeo (

Meet Angel


This recovered prodigal found freedom in surrender. My heart’s cry is for God’s children to shake off the chains that Jesus has broken. Just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary God – I breed dust bunnies on the side and rescue needy boots of all ages. T/@Regimens_Grace

Meet Angela


Daughter, teacher, and soldier who prayerfully fights for God’s Word to master me, His will to satisfy me, and His beauty to inspire me. My passion: Training disciples to run Spirit-fueled, truth-filled, cross-patterned races for the glory of God. My prayer: I want to walk humbly with my Lord by treasuring Christ supremely, reflecting the Gospel joyfully, engaging people lovingly, and approaching life thankfully. #Rom1:16.

Meet Brittany


Born and bred southern girl blessed to travel the world with God’s Word and my favorite pearls. I may change up my hairdo and styles, but my love affair with Jesus is set! I can get so passionate about discipling women. FB/GloriaIrving

Meet Gloria


A choreographer of words and a lover of dance, I came down from a 5th floor office with a view to sit “criss-cross applesauce” on the carpet with kids. I have a heart for the forgotten, the lost and the fatherless, and was once seen in a popular cooking magazine, posing with a large bowl of potato salad.

Meet Michele


Rani grew up in Aurangabad, India, and her father broke familial ties to Hinduism after Jesus made Himself miraculously known in his life. It is her passion to meet women’s needs in a holistic way-spiritually, physically and mentally. She’s taught seminars on depression, abstinence, and other psychological issues among women in Central America, Mexico, and Nepal.

Meet Rani


Small town girly girl who thought she had it all together. Then Jesus opened my eyes and made my mess into His message, turned my test into a testimony, and changed this victim into a victor. He blesses me daily with new opportunities to pass on the grace and love He has bestowed upon me. FB/staciebostic122

Meet Stacie


I’m drawn to collisions like hip hop inside hymns, like waves crashing up against shorelines on presumption and pride. Wanna turn tables on division and religion. Wanna turn tides of women toward the Lover of their soul and the Desire of Nations. My eye-line is on Jesus cuz He set my heart free by His voice and right hand.  FB/shabbychica

Meet Adrianne




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