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When God's people agree on core problems & a missional direction...

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so...Psalm 107:2

The media outlet, route and nation may change, but those who decide to become Allies of Shabby Chic Ministries can be certain of one thing: We follow The Living Way: Jesus Christ.

We don't have it all figured out, but we have found the One who leads with love. Shabby Chic Ministries, the Board of Directors, and our allies believe God is real. He wants our praise and our pain so that we might actually feel His love. We also believe God is good. We made the mess, but He sent His Son to restore our hearts and hope by His own provision.

He has a plan, and it involves Kingdom unity to fulfill. He leads. We follow, and the journey is better, together.

Check out the Shoreline Alliance for more specifics on our burden and mission.

If you have heard the message on our Shoring Up television program or from one of the Bible studies, and you were encouraged toward Truth, prayer, help or hope, then help us keep going. Ask God if He might have you sow into the ministry and into the momentum of God's Truth-Spirit-testimony reaching more hearts and nations.

There is a new Kingdom wave rising. Your alliance is an essential part of keeping the momentum and supplying the resources to help the ministry continue programming cresting into the shoreline of hearts (seekers and leaders looking for more from God) as well as the shoreline of nations (international countries which have less access to the gospel).

The Shoreline Alliance

An invitation to come into agreement with us toward the unified direction of

  • unity
  • purity
  • calling out of passivity...
    • ...toward action               


A Shabby Chic Ministries/Shore and Skyline Studios screenplay in formation


Allies aim and outpour together in prayer toward specific problems...

Media Partners

Gifted media artists joining us in mission...

New from Shabby Chic Ministries...

Shore and Skyline Studios


Support Shabby Chic Ministries through your prayer alliance or financial donation.

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