DRAW back

The war upon the feminine soul is real.

It's hard, but to the degree we consistently draw back to the heart of God, we will find the heart of a King which drew us in the first place. We find our value in His eyes and His presence fills our lungs with a pleasure that calms the pain.

This world hurts.

The divides that occurred in the beginning are not theory. We can ignore them, but if we truly determine to raise up a standard for God's glory, for His Kingdom in the hearts of women, for unity and purity between His people... we will find opposition.

The opposition is merciless & strategic.

But there is a place where we can run, lay down our weapons, come messy and empty...and just be. He is reason, our resting place, and a real and present heart to run to amidst the challenges, the costs of war, and the collateral damage that ensues.
Our job is not to win the war. Jesus will handle that, but we are called to collaborate with His leadership, and listen to His advancing strategies, and ironically....the Almighty gifts us with some of His greatest next steps when we return to Him, weak and vulnerable, and just come to be with Him.

     We remember our why.

          We remember our Who.

Jesus sits enthroned in heaven, and when we draw back toward the heart of God... we find the love song, the heart beat, the weaponry, and the refreshment we need to keep going.
There will come a day when the there will be no more battle within our minds and souls. There will come a day when women will no longer be objects for a display shelf or exploited on a screen. There will come a day when conflict will no longer hit the home fronts or shorelines, but until that day ... we all have free entry to draw back to heart of the Almighty.
He sets the peace and power of heaven from the throne room into the hearts of average women. Average women who daily make an extraordinarily simple choice: To set God's heart above all the desires, distractions, determinations and disasters at hand.
We don't have it all figured out, but we have found this to be true....
When we draw back to the heart of God, we find everything we could ever ask or imagine ... at our fingertips.