WIELD: study

The Word of God is living and active, and when we actually let the Truth take authority in our hearts and minds, we find a new weapon: the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17).

A sword was mean to be wielded. We want to pray God's Word, speak it, stand upon it, draw it and release it upon our own hearts, because if we do... we will change history.

His Word never returns void.

It is power for those who feel as though life is just happening to them.

Draw the Word of God, it is alive and powerful to grip your life

... as long as you let the Word rule you, you will gain a new grip upon the places of deception, division, and disillusionment in your life or others.

Wielding Femininity reminds and equips women with 8 biblical stories of women whose words changed the biblical landscape. Some for better; some for worse. All drove the point. The words we say matter, impact, and can stake a claim toward how we intend to live.

Will you let life happen, or will you wield God's Truth and allow Him to shape your femininity to His glory? ...

Check out the following track on Wielding Femininity to the Glory of God's coordinated music CD: "That I Might Love You" by Jess Ray.