Draw More Weapons

The media says that all is fair in love and lust, and the woman with the tightest tee-shirt wins. But when the mall, men, and money fail us, God rescues. When our feminine wiles betray us, Jesus reclaims. And when we start to feel like little more than an ornament on a shelf, the Holy Spirit retrains us to see that we are instruments in the hands of God.

Do you feel stuck somewhere between wielding feminine wiles and wielding your weapon in the cause of Christ?

Have you found freedom and long to fight for others to walk out of bondage?

Remember, it isn't just what you know about the Word of God. It's about how much you allow the Word of God to get a hold of you.

Defiance or Grace? Control or Prayer?

Wielding biblical femininity is anything but boring. It is meaningful, purposeful, dynamic, challenging, and liberating.


Wielding Femininity to the Glory of God

An inductive Bible study delving into the lives of eight women, spotlighting how they did or did not wield their femininity in a way that honored God.

This chapter study reframes the vintage truth of the Old Testament with:

  • - Relevant, vulnerable stories from the diverse women of Shabby Chic Ministries
  • - A coordinated music CD
  • - Downloadable
    • - leadership discussion questions
    • - children's curriculum
    • - extended worship set lists

Study and accompanying CD: $19.99