Draw Your Weapon

Drawn by the power of the resurrection, it’s important to keep checking.

Are we still driven by the same humility to keep bowing down until the His power leads us toward a the Sword: the Word of Truth.  is a weapon, but no weapon was created to sit on a shelf. They were created to be put in use. Paul the Apostle said weapons of truth for the right hand and the left (2 Corinthians 6:7).

But what about when our hands, hearts and attention are driven toward lesser loves: likes on a screen or success at a job. Whatever drives you will overtake you, so be careful little hands what you do, and when given the choice day after day …

Keep your heart bowed low, but your hands at the ready to draw your sword of Truth or draw your bow in and release a sound of worship like a song wielded over a home or a long car drive. Have your hands ready to play a violin and draw the strings as worship unto the Creator. God is a warrior and a lover of hearts. He will woo you with a song and ready your heart for war.

Life is sweet and bitter, poetic and painful.

The same hands that draw and instrument, must be ready to draw an arrow from her quiver. Pick a weapon, ready your aim by checking your heart. If your heart is humble and drawn toward God, you will be driven by power to release in love and aim your arrows rightly. If you release in judgment rather than mercy, you will aim amiss.

Need some target practice? …

Start by asking yourself if you are drawn or driven day to day …

Talk to the Lord about this, and then let’s draw from a few “Words to Wield” right now.

Women from the Bible said these words and literally spoke a change in history. Words can influence. Yours can influence. Choose carefully. Draw some powerful words to wield over your day, your family, office, and friends.


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Also, let’s be careful what our ears hear. Lyrics are spoken thoughts. Thoughts are decisions which become actions and words, so remember that the words you sin are powerful to woo or distract your mind from Truth.


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